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BIANA: Made with love, born out of necessity.


BIANA is a women's clothing brand, which offers stylish versatile clothes for today’s successful woman. Feminine, yet commanding respect. Serious, yet intriguing. Whether you are at work, at a gallery opening or on a plane you will feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident with BIANA.

 The BIANA knitted dresses hanging neatly at a sale event party, ready for everyone to get their hands on one, at special prices.

Born out of necessity

The BIANA brand was born out of a necessity: it was impossible to get high-quality comfortable clothes without the designer price tags. We wanted to create a line of clothes that work as well in the office as they do outside and make you feel beautiful and sophisticated, no matter what you are doing, without compromising on comfort. Our clothes travel extremely well and you will not even need to pack an iron on your next trip: just fold the garments neatly along the length and put them in your suitcase. When you take them out, they will be ready to wear.

The BIANA garments are made with the finest quality Italian yarns, to make you feel like a queen.


For BIANA we hand-pick the highest quality Italian yarns to make luxurious knits and tricots that flatter a woman's body and let her move with ease and elegance. For our winter collections we use blends of extra-fine merino wool, cashmere and viscose. We also have a number of items made of pure extra-fine merino wool. Our summer collections are built around various viscose, silk and cotton blends.

While everyone is aware of the fact that wool, cotton, silk and cashmere are natural materials, interacting with our customers has made us realize that many are actually not aware of the fact that Viscose is made out of natural materials as well. The raw material for viscose is cellulose, which is broken down either mechanically or chemically, turned into viscose fluid, which is then transformed into fiber. Viscose is not a pure natural material due to the chemical processing involved in the production, but is closer to the natural than to the synthetic materials and therefore it is commonly accepted as natural.

Our dresses are designed in Europe and knitted in Bulgaria.

Three sisters & partners

BIANA was started by three sisters, who live in Canada, the Netherlands and the United States, and in the last 10 to 20 years have managed to balance corporate careers and families, packing in hundreds of thousands of air miles in the process. They launched BIANA not only to advertise and distribute the BIANA clothing line, but also as a platform to share their thoughts on women's role in society – our Blog is coming soon.  

Since then they have partnered up with several young European designers as well as with other professional women, who have a love for fashion. A key partnership is that with Radina Bankova, who runs a knitting factory in Bulgaria – the motherland of the three sisters and a nation with a rich tradition in textile manufacturing.

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