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About us

BIANA the Brand

High quality tailored knits with an emphasis on natural fibers and vibrant colors. The fit is easy and flattering, the forms are classy and elegant with European flavor. BIANA is loved for offering versatility and comfort without compromising on style. The BIANA clothes are also favorite travel companions, as they do not wrinkle easily. The garments are entirely designed and manufactured in Europe: Dynamic team of European designers in the Netherlands; Top quality Italian yarns; Manufactured in Bulgaria.

The BIANA Story

BIANA was founded by three sisters – Anna, Iana and Boriana with Bulgarian roots, who lived in Canada, The Netherlands and the US. They all had successful corporate careers and a love for the richness of the world we live in. They have always had a great appreciation for the quality, craftsmanship and unique designs of the top brands and aspired to bring all of that to today's woman without the exclusive designer price tag.

BIANA started 5 years ago in The Netherlands and currently has dual headquarters in The US and The Netherlands. Iana, one of the three sisters, left her corporate career to dedicate all her effort into building and expanding the brand, which now sells in stores on 3 continents.

Today Iana is based in the US and heads up BIANA.

Iana Boyd, Managing Partner


At BIANA we believe in collaboration! We seek diverse input into all our processes and often collaborate across borders. We build on old ties and relationships and we incorporate fresh new perspectives.

The multi-national creative team of BIANA remains strongly rooted in the Netherlands where we have:

Malin Tabell

Head Designer,

Marjory Kwakernaak-Bloem

Head of Marketing

Barbara Bigosinska

Graphic Design

Another key collaboration is that with Radina Bankova, dual based in Germany and Bulgaria — the owner of Kris Fashion — the manufacturing company where BIANA is produced. Today BIANA and Kris Fashion are strategic partners and Radina and her team are key advisers to the BIANA team on yarn selection and textile technology.

Radina & Iana selecting yarns in Florence, Italy

Although the other two founding sisters still have their corporate jobs, Boriana, based in the US, plays a role as an adviser on Sales and Merchandising and Anna, based in Canada, oversees Finance.

Boriana & Iana at a trade show

Anna & Iana on a business trip

Lead Designer

Malin Tabell has taken the lead in the design activities in BIANA since 2017. She works in close creative collaboration with Iana Boyd to set the trends and strategy for each season. From there she develops the BIANA collections where she masterfully balances trendy and classy, inspiring and practical, bold and understated.

Malin is Swedish and received her BA in Fashion Design at the Swedish School of Textile – University of Borås. Their esteemed programs focus on creativity combined with theory and practical work in well-equipped machine parks and laboratories.

Malin had 9 years of experience with the Swedish retail company LINDEX. There she worked on the design team developing women’s wear for the commercial and trend-driven Swedish market. At LINDEX Malin designed for all women’s categories.

After LINDEX Malin has worked on various design projects and has moved to the Netherlands, where she resides now and where she creates for BIANA.

Malin’s signature and the Scandinavian influence are reflected in the BIANA collections in the shape of clean lines, effortless chic and understated elegance!

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